happy easter!

so christmas is going wonderfully! i'm loving my new ipod, everyone's enjoying their gifts, lots of movies have been watched in the living room.. all 6 of us together.. it's nice. tonight's steak and twice baked potatoes, earlier we had clam chowder.. it was delicious, yesterday was nik's bday.. overall a lovely weekend.

after talking to bryan the other day i was contemplating going to lancaster for some reunion thingy, but i think i'm just going to chill at home. my dad's leaving in a couple weeks, and with me being gone for new years, i think we're doing more family togetherness stuff. plus i've got a ton of errands and stuff that i've been putting off.. like an oil change among other things, seeing as how i won't have another day off at home for awhile.

so that's about it.. my dad wants to show me how to grill a perfect steak.


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