i love massachusetts. someday i will live there.

this weekend was SO quick! it makes me realize how much i miss my grandparents. the weekend was a bit overly dramatic, due to various issues and relations, but the drive was worth it.

i think i love driving almost as much as i love massachusetts.

EDIT: also, nikki (my youngest sister) has mono and viral hepatitis and is in pretty bad shape. really really weak, just super sick. so if any of you guys pray at all, if you could say a few for her, that'd be kinda nice. her bday is xmas eve and she's going to be sick through her bday and christmas and probably new years so we're just trying to keep her cheered up and trying to keep her comfy. i gave her her presents early and she was too weak to even open the box. poor nik-the-nak. :-( she's my little buddy.

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