you are over 18, aren't you?

conversation with the grouchy old cashier at walmart as i was purchasing cold medicine (which included 1 bottle of day-quil, 1 box of advil cold & sinus, and cough drops)

me: coughing
grouchy lady: (stops mid-scan and stares at me) you are over 18, aren't you?
me: (a little surprised) uh, yeah, do you need my id?
grouchy lady: yes. (very short and rude-like)
me: cough some more, hand her my id
grouchy lady: (peers over glasses, studies my id, peers over glasses again) that's an awful lot of cold medicine
me: (cough again) yeah, i have a cold
grouchy lady: i would say so!

...hmm. maybe i should've told her about the meth-lab down in my basement..

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