i'm headed out to visit my good 'ol buddy john seyler. a friend from freshman year who was obsessed with jade (my roomate at the time) and used to drive me INSANE! he did everything he could to annoy me, from smushing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my sheets because i was too busy pulling a late night working on a project for rhonda to pay attention to him, to stealing my deoderant, to wrecking my art projects. he was seriously the only person in the whole 4 years at KU who i was ever genuinely angry with, yet i'm still friends with him. i'm a sucker. what can i say. i am excited though, it will be a weekend with no sisters, no hormonal fits, no upset boyfriends.. i can't wait!

i think i'm looking more forward to the drive than the actual visit though.
mmmm. i love driving. that's 3 hours of driving tomorrow morning (probalby more cus i'm sure i'll get lost) then another 3 hours back on sunday.. i best get burnin' some CDs!!


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