so pissed off

I am SO tired of this place, of my family. No one has ANY respect for anyone else or for anyone's property. It just makes me sooooo mad! Why is it so hard for my family to understand that it is not right to just go and take, lose, waste, cause damage to other people's things. I am so sick of this! I went out today and bought a particular kind of wine from a particular winery that I enjoy.. not a brand i can just go down to any regular liquor store and pick up mind you. i'm not a big wine drinker, but i like to have a glass here and there. not drink it all in one night, but enjoy it.

anyway..... i went out to see some fireworks with friends tonight and the WHOLE bottle of wine is gone. I only had one glass of it. and on top of it, the ones who polished it off aren't even legal age!!!!!! It's not the price of it or anything either.. it's the principal, and the fact that it takes me well over an hour to get to said winery. it just REALLY pisses me off. i'm tired of my stuff being taken (i tracked down all my dvds yesterday, which were scattered among various bedrooms) and my t-shirts are always missing, office supplies, etc. i don't mind if people borrow stuff, but ASK ME FIRST!!!! AND IF I BUY SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR MYSELF, DO NOT USE ALL OF IT!!! ESPECIALLY WITHOUT ASKING!!!!! BECAUSE THE ANSWER WOULD BE NO!!!!!!

(needless to say, there has been MUCH door slamming this evening. i'm REALLY REALLY pissed.. and this level of rage, isn't easy for me to accomplish or maintain)


Jenna said...

aw man, was it from big creek? was it the rose wine?

taylor said...

it was from big creek. it was a red wine this time. but it was SO good. i was mighty angry. i bought a bottle of rose wine for you to send for your bday, i just have to find a way to send it legally..

Jenna said...

oh thank you!