ten shades of Mac-cited!

So who's excited???!!! that would be me! my Boyd's check just came in today! which means i'll be buying a new mac! and new software! originally i was going to pay off my credit cards and put my computer on the one card, but instead i'm going to just keep making payments on my cards, buy my computer and whatnot with cash and sink the rest into savings.

either way.. i am one happy designer!!

now i still have to make my final decision: laptop or desktop??
i was thinking desktop because as jenna pointed out, i am a professional now and a desktop would be more powerful and i'm not running around as much as i was in school.. buuuuuut a laptop would be so much more cost effective and it would still be about 3 times more powerful than what i'm using now, plus my printer's on the other side of my bedroom and with a desktop i'd have to get a new desk so i can fit everything in the vicinity of the computer, but the desktops are nicer.. gah. i don't know. i'm SO bad at making decisions! i'm really leaning heavily toward the laptop. but then if i choose the laptop there's still the question if i want a black one or a white one??? too many choices!

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